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Your website has only one purpose

Are you missing out on work ? Just because you have poor SEO.

Get seen in google

We build websites that people will actually find.

It's not a difficult concept, make a website, put it out there and wait and wait and wait.
There are lots of 'off the self' website companies where, for a monthly fee, you can build your own site.

They're great, looks pretty and the buttons work. BUT, it's like buying a brand new super car and leaving it parked in your driveway, without an engine. Looks lovely but no one will ever see it.
It's the same with websites, no matter how pretty they look, they're useless if no one sees them. You need SEO - it's the website's engine.


Website Design For Newton Abbot & Teignmouth

SEO is important to your site. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there.

Good SEO takes time and planning. It is structure and structure means long hours of tweaking and waiting for the results. Ranking is not a right. It's earned , the harder you work the better the results. Just like life, well sometimes.

Your website

…. is your shop front to the world. Whether you are a tradesman, retail, hair salon, restaurant or cafe based in Newton Abbot or Teignmouth, we all know that people now look at Google first.

So where are your new customers coming from?
Having a website is only half the battle. The really important thing is that your site is found. You will read endlessly, how websites are essential to your brand and business identity etc etc. But in reality most websites are never even found. You will even read that 1000's of people are searching for you online. TRUE? If there were 1000's of people searching for our type of business in Teignbridge, we'd all be rich. There are of course people looking, but it's crucial that the ones looking, find you.

We work really hard on the SEO to help make your site appear in the rankings. Being found in Google is not a right, it's the result of many hours work.

website design in Teignmouth call us on 01626 333052

Get Started

It won't happen itself, SEO needs time, it's not a quick fix ( although sometimes it can be days !) mostly it's a long game. Steady, controlled changes to your site will pay dividends. Call us now.

Websites for Trades men & women

Thought about a website but haven't had to the time to sort one out?
We can create you a ready made website for as little as £199.00
Websites for Plumbers, Builders, Tilers, Landscape Gardeners, Electricians
and other trades people. No hassle websites. Cheaper than off the shelf rented websites.


simply fill out our form here and click send mail

  • How much is a website?
    You don't have to spend a fortune your site from £199 up to £500 is the general cost. Take a look at our site and check out the samples. Call us on 01626 333052
  • How many pages do I get?
    Its not quite as simple as you get 5 pages for £x. I make sure you get excellent value for your money. I usually end up adding alot than you expect. The SEO, which actually is the important bit, is always completely fulfilled across your site on several levels. This means that your site has a very good chance of showing up in Google rankings.
  • Do you charge for hosting?
    The first year is free, then there is a charge of £50 - £80 plus £25 for your SSL certificate annually. Subject to hosting changes.

    Call us on 01626 333052
  • Can I edit my own site?
    Yes - there are aspects of the site you can change. However, because the content is used by Google to help rank your website, some of it is best left alone. We can add a blog , to update your latest news, in fact , it's encouraged and keeps Google happy. Face book can be embedded into your site, this all helps to keep the site fresh.

    Call us on 01626 333052
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Teignmouth & Newton Abbot Web Design | Web Hosting | Based in Milber Newton Abbot TQ12 4AU

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