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Magnetic Van, Car & Taxi Vehicle SignsWe cover Newton Abbot | Teignmouth | Torquay

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Frequently asked questions

  • Five Top Tips & FAQs for getting the best out of your Magnetic Vehicle & Taxi Signs
    One of the appealing things about magnetic vehicle signs, is that there is no expert installation needed; just a few common sense tips.
  • 1 Pre Fitting Prep for Magnetic Van Signs
    Really clean and dry the vehicle surface where the magnet will be applied.
    Make sure the magnetic sign is clean and free of any debris – especially if the sign has been stored and is being reapplied.
    Pay attention to the back of the magnetic. It's magnetic and will pick up stray flecks of metal.
  • 2 Fitting the magnetic signs
    Select a smooth, flat, vertical, metal surface to apply the magnetic sign. Car doors are the most common spot for these signs. Avoid body moulding where the wind will get behind the magnetic and flip it off.
  • 3 Warm them up first
    Don't take them straight out of the garage in the middle of winter and expect them to just stick. The magnet being applied should be room temperature (at least 68 degrees F). Cold magnets become rigid, making them difficult to smoothly apply and strongly attach to the entire surface.
  • 4 Apply magnetic signs with care
    Beginning with a corner, gently place the magnet – letting it ‘grab’ the surface as it is placed.
    Don't try to drag it into position it won't slide.
    Don’t apply the magnet over rust, trim work, deep curves, or vinyl car wraps.
  • 5 Don't throw them onto the back seat or boot when not in use
    Store them flat when not in use. If you sling them over a pile of stuff on the back seat and the sun hits them , they will get hot and distort to the shape beneath them. End of mags !
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What we do?

  • Magnetic Taxis Signs
  • Magnetic Car Signs
  • Signs for Taxis Companies
  • Magnetic Van Signs
  • Logos and Designs for Magnetic Signs
  • Business Cards & Flyers
  • Vehicle Graphics
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